Get Inspired With Yoga Fitness  Shannon

Enjoy YOGA fitness with a spin.

I am so excited to be offering you, yoga classes!  

Full Transparency here- I am a new yoga teacher and I am not your typical "yogi".  I incorporate yoga poses with a twist of fitness and sprinkle in some zen and of course, a splash of inspiration.  I am on a journey to health and wellness and I wanted yoga to be a part of it and I wanted to be able to share this journey with others.

Through my Yoga Hustle and Flow with Shannon, you can purchase single in-person classes, monthly online classes, a combination of online and in-person.  One on one sessions are also available.  


BCCP Fitness Studio is a boutique-style gym.  There are no memberships and the gym is only open during personal training and scheduled class time.  

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11:30AM & 7:00PM