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The Inspired Journey To Wellness

For Travel Professionals

Join The Inspired Journey to Wellness today and begin a life of health, emotional wellness, and joy.

Being a travel entrepreneur means we plan journeys for others. We think of journeys as something we have to plan for other people.  
We forget that we are actually on a life journey.  And as they say, we have to learn to enjoy the journey

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Being held accountable for your actions and being inspired to do better is the best way to ...

Move forward, create new habits, and make the changes you have wanted to make finally.  You know you are supposed to do to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Being committed and having to answer to someone that is going to support you 100 %. is the key to your success


That person to really hold you accountable and inspire you can be difficult to find. 

Will a friend have time to do this for you?

Will a friend tell you the things you need to hear or just what you want to hear? 

Will a friend stick to their promise or possibly tempt you with a night out of wine drinking, "just this one time"?

Friends mean well, they really do, and we need our friends to support us; however, there is no skin in the game with a friend.  They will be your friend first, no matter how hard they try, and taking advice from a friend can sometimes be difficult for someone. 

What you need is a real Accountability Coach

That understands what you are going through.

That will tell you the things you need to hear and not just what you want to hear.

That will guide you to where you want to be.

That will inspire you to be a better version of yourself in your health and wellness.

Hi, I'm Shannon!

I am on that inspired journey.  I have been for the past 5 years.  However, it wasn't until 2018 that the journey took me on the road that I needed to be on. 


I went from unhealthy, blah, miserable, overweight, and not liking myself to healthy, happy, energized, and loving myself.

I've fought with my weight and body image for as long as I can remember.  

I finally made up my mind when I saw the quality of life my parents had in their final days.  I was a caretaker for my mom and dad.  For years I brought them back and forth to the Doctors and hospitals.  I lived with my phone in my hand waiting for them to call me because of a health emergency.  They both lived unhealthy lifestyles and that was what I was taught growing up.  Not only were they unhealthy physically, but they also had so many negative beliefs about their lives and their self-worth.  I know they didn't know any better and I am grateful for learning that there is a better way! As an adult, I started learning it didn't have to be this way.  I decided to change my blueprint.  I decided to change my health blueprint and my mind blueprint.  

My story is like many.  I have been on too many "diets" to count.  I've believed I was fat and was supposed to be fat for as long as I can remember.  I've taken diet pills, binged and purged, cried overeating too much and so many more unhealthy actions.  I've had gym memberships that I didn't use.  I've eaten the diet soups, the teas, and looked for every "magic pill" there could be to help me thin. I believed that if I was thin, I would be happy, successful and everyone would love me. Sound Familiar?  Now, back to my parents.  I saw my Mom spend the last 9 months of her life, knowing she had only a few months to live in her bed, rarely leaving the bedroom.  My Dad stayed with her and left on an occasional outing with a friend.   As much as it hurt me to see her it made me realize that I do not want to spend my last glory days this way.  I want to be out LIVING not dying the last months of my life.  She died 9/12 and my Dad died 10/5.  23 days apart.  I mourned 3 months, I sulked. I ate.  I still exercised and then I made the decision. NOT ME.  It is time to live.  It is time to change.  And I did.  

I'm still on my journey.  I still have goals. I still have weight to lose and body image issues to work on.

I'm real.

I'm perfectly imperfect.  In the past, I felt like I wasn't enough.  Smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough. rich enough.  I thought because I had failed many times at diets, businesses, relationships, marriages that I would not ever truly be happy.

I have cellulite.  I have stretch marks.  I have wrinkles.  I have a booty.  I have a tummy.  I love to eat! I love fried chicken, wine, cheese, bacon, and pizza.  

And I love wine and martinis.

Did I mention I love wine? 

I do not like to feel deprived.   So I figured out a way to become the best version of me! 

And I did it on my time, without feeling deprived and learning to enjoy ME and this journey.

If you can say yes to at least 3 of these statements, you are a good fit for the #inspiredjourney

are you ready to make a positive lifestyle change once and for all?

are you tired of feeling so blah and tired?

are you constantly telling yourself, negative things like you'll never lose the weight, who do you think you are? 

are you on a roller coaster of emotions about the way you look or feel?

are you going out of your way to avoid looking in a full-length mirror? 

are you doubting yourself in work and relationships?

are you feeling lost and not sure how to find your way out? 

50 Pounds (and counting), 48 inches, 3 sizes, a few tears, and a lot of laughter later and I am happy to take others along on this inspired journey with me. 

Are you ready to take this journey? 

I hear you and I want to support you with the guidance and inspiration that you need. 

Are you ready to take the Inspired Journey to make you feel invigorated, excited, healthy, and happy? 



Private website membership forum

Weekly accountability weight check ins (privately)

Bi- Monthly 1-1 coaching

Weekly group coaching

Monthly accountability picture check ins (privately)

Monthly challenges


Mindset and fitness tips


Private website membership forum

Weekly accountability weight check ins (privately)

Bi- Monthly 1-1 coaching

Weekly group coaching

Monthly accountability picture check ins (privately)

Monthly challenges


Mindset and fitness tips

Monthly guest wellness expert calls

Guided meditations

Weekly online yoga class

Weekly accountability meal check ins (privately)

Random text accountablitity check ins from 

6 month Inspired Journey workbook 

Meal prep suggestions

Exercise and movement suggestions

Milestone markers for goals reached and accomplishments 

Daily accountability intention texts

Live 3 day retreat - location TBD 


Check-ins for accountability actions are done via 


Meditations, yoga classes, workbook guides, 

are on private website  

Coaching calls, guest experts are done via zoom

Tips, recipes, challenges, reminders and general engagement will be done in a private Facebook group





25 ways to find Inspiration on your Inspired Journey 



Q: When does this start?

A: You will be granted access to the private group and pre-recorded material right away.  As soon as you complete your payment you will be sent to the private Facebook group and given login information for the private website.  Just click to join and I will approve you.

Q: When will I get my workbook?

A: You will be mailed the printed copy of your workbook within 7 days of joining the program.  The pdf version can be emailed to you if you like.

Q: Are the coaching calls live? 

A: Yes, all coaching calls are live and are scheduled in advance.  Group coaching calls and one on one coaching calls are done via zoom.

Q: Are the calls recorded?

A: YES, all calls, sessions, classes, and meditations are recorded and will live on the private member's website.  You can access them anytime during your membership by logging in. 

Q: Is there a payment plan available?

A: Yes, the payment plan is 399.50 for 6 months

Q: When can I expect to see and feel results?

A: This is a personal journal, even though you are part of a group each person is unique.  You have hired Inspired by Shannon to hold you accountable to a new lifestyle, fitness, and wellness program.  It is up to you to put in the work now that you have made a commitment and an investment in yourself. 

Q: Can I get a refund?

A:  Yes, I want you to be happy and I believe in the value, the practices, and the promises in this journey.  If you join and after 30 days you wholeheartedly do the work but realize it is not for you then you are eligible for a refund.

Q: What if I want to quit?

A: I won't let you quit.  This is part of the accountability obligation on my part.  You found me and hired me for a reason.  You made a commitment to yourself and I will honor that commitment by inspiring.  If you want to quit we will discuss a pause in the journey.  

ok let's do it inspire me


hold me accountable