Choose Love

Love is powerful. You must come from love with all that you say and do.

Love is what will give you peace. Love is what will calm your worries and your soul. Love will bring you joy.

Always look for the love and you will find the love.

Look at yourself how your creator,your father, your mother, looks at you. They look at you with eyes of love and hearts of love. They honor the love they have for you. Look at others with love in your eyes and in your heart. See and feel beyond their words,their actions, their doubts and their fears. It is only through love that we can shine. It is only through light that we can brighten the darkness.

Be the love that you are meant to be. Allow the love you are meant to feel to come to you.

Share the love you have because that is the only way that love grows.

Love lives in all of us. We must choose to see it, we must choose to feel it, we must choose to let flow. The freedom is ours to choose. Choose love.

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