Size Doesn't Matter

Well, in some cases, it doesn't. LOL.

Let me tell you why size doesn't matter.

I remember all the details after the moment in this picture.

I remember this so well because I was feeling confident in myself. I usually do when I am among my peers. I had just walked off the stage. I went to my seat to get my purse and walk out of the room to make a phone call. In the hall, an attendee stopped me and asked me where I shopped... I replied, "oh no, where special, different boutiques." Then she said it.... " you dress so stylish for a woman of size."

Ugh... that kind of hurt... kind of... hmmm, that's different... something like that usually really hurts for me.

Why did this woman's comment not hurt so much? Why did I not want to run in the bathroom and cry? Normally, I would do or get mad and say mean things about her, but I wasn't even MAD.

Instead, I felt it. I felt something really different, and I knew that feeling would fuel me on the journey ahead.

That was 2 years ago this week. I was at the Book More Travel Workshop. I wish I could remember who said this to me so I could thank them! At that moment, I realized I didn't have to be a certain size to like myself.

I had been working on myself. Although looking at me, you couldn't really see the results. You see, releasing weight starts from the inside, not the outside. I had already been working out regularly for 2 years before this photo, but you really couldn't tell.

Realizing that size doesn't matter, and the sizes of your clothes or numbers on the scale do not define you. You can like who you are, feel confident and comfortable at any size.

That is the first step in releasing!

Releasing weight is more about releasing thoughts that do not serve you!

Detaching ourselves from numbers like dress sizes and scale numbers will help move you forward in your living an inspired life.

There are ways to release these beliefs and thoughts. Finding the way that works for you is the key. Everyone is different.

Stop weighing yourself daily. Cut the tags out of your clothes.

There are numbers that you can focus on for your success:

1. Food measurements. Measuring your food and being aware of how much and how often you eat is a great start to releasing weight.

2. Health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, A1C's, for example). These numbers are way more important than the scale.

3. How many times a week you move your body in some way to help get your heart rate up. Moving your body and tracking your time is another way to move forward in releasing.

Always remember muscle does weigh more than fat. If you are doing all the things you are supposed to be doing then keep on doing them and focusing on the right numbers.

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