Sunrises are a refreshing reminder of life, beauty, abundance, power, nature, peace, and strength. These are the words that came to me, and these are The words I wish to share with you and how I see them in myself and how you can see them in yourself.

Life- I am life. I breathe. Deeply sometimes. Conscious breathing I’ve learned keeps me grounded and keeps me present. I was given this life for a purpose, and just like the sun rises and fulfills its purpose each day, I will do the same.

Beauty - There is beauty in colors dancing in the sky. A vision that makes us smile. Actions, like waves, almost causing us to fall, make us laugh. The sunrise, like me, offers these things. My beauty has been downplayed by myself, and I see it now more than ever. And, more than that, I feel my beauty from the inside shining out to make my world and others a better place to live.

Abundance - as I walked along the beach and took in my time in the presence of this sunrise, I saw the vast amounts of offerings from the earth. The water, endless, and the water brought to my feet treasures of shells. Birds were flying, crabs crawling, plants growing. So much abundance, and the earth never stops sharing. I have abundance in me. I have riches; I have smiles, I have love, I have joy, I have peace all in me that I can share as quickly as the earth shares its sunrise, and treasures I can share and will share all of my abundances.

Power and strength - the sunrise shows the power of light and how it can wash out the light and create shadows. The strength and power of the ocean and how it can calm you when you allow to or energy when you feel the wave crash at your feet and feel the current pull you in. I do have that strength and power. I can shine my light as bright as I want with the strength of God in me, and I can also cast shadows. However, unlike the sun, I can choose what I want to do. My power to be calm like the water or force to be reckoned with when I choose which best suits me is reassuring because we need both of those powers and strengths for different scenarios in our lives dealing with our inner demons or dealing with people and situations.

Peace- the sunrise starts the day off in peace, as should we. Rising slowly and majestically, not in a frantic hurry, rising slowly and nurturing ourselves as we are fully awake and ready for our day. I have learned (not so easily) that when I start my day in peace, my day continues and ends in peace. My slow rising includes self-nurturing with exercise, meditation, journaling, and nutrition.

Nature- the sunrise shines on the nature we are surrounded by, allowing us to see the beauty in the world around us if we choose to view it. We can see it in its natural beauty if we choose to, or we can see it in the chaotic light that the mainstream media share. I prefer the natural view. Like I choose to be myself, my nature, my natural state. I am allowing myself to be ok where I am. Natural. Grays, wrinkles, curves, boobs and booty, and all of the other parts of me that just are. They are honest, natural, and they are beautiful.

What is in your sunrise? Do you see the same beauty in it as you see in yourself? I hope you do because, in my heart, I know the same God that created this created you and me, and we are all beautiful in his eyes.

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