Take Flight

Butterflies fly without feathers, bumble bees fly without feathers, ladybugs, dragonflies, airplanes fly without feathers. These all do not have feathers but they do have wings. They spread their wings when it is time to fly, if they keep them tucked in they will not fly. If they do not fly, what happens to these creatures or machines?

Today I found feather and thought, great, now I can fly because the feather is magic, like it was for Dumbo. Then I realized like Dumbo did we do not need feathers or one magic feather to make us fly. All we need are wings. Our wings are our beliefs. We have the privilege every day to make a choice to open up our beliefs about ourselves and fly or keeping our beliefs about ourselves tucked in and stay..

Spread your wings and fly or tuck them in and stay.

The choice is yours.

We can choose to fly to the next level, to the next part of our lives that is waiting for us or we can choose to stay stagnant in a place that is no longer serving us. We can choose the speed of our flight, we choose the altitude, we can choose the people we take with us, we can choose to use a magic feather if that is what helps to take off as long as we fly and we move. We can go down a long runway if we want to before we take flight, just as long as we take the leap and fly.

Where are you flying to?

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