The Story of 2020

Yes, it was a year that we surely did not expect. So many things happened and while we can wallow and complain and feel the negativity that is surrounding 2020 is that really how you want to go into a brand new year?

You can tell the 2020 story of the year that travel stopped and "ruined" your business or the weight you gained because you were so down about everything going on or you can tell a different story. YOU are the author and you create the stories you tell. I am not saying lie about what happened. I am saying look at this past year a little differently than maybe you have before.

Is 2020 the year you put all of your systems into place, became a destination expert? Is 2020 the year read the books you have always wanted to read? Organize the pantry finally? Clean out the basement? Binge watch the shows you never got to watch? Maybe it's the year you weeded out the clients that were not a good fit for you? Learn to cook new dishes you've been wanting to try? Connected with your kids on a more fun level? And if you can't find anything good... reply to me...maybe I can help you see it differently. OR you can write a new story for 2021... the year you are going to make the time for yourself, your health, and well being!

We are still here. That means something. You are reading this email from me because you made it through 2020. You are stronger than you were last year.

My big question to you is what is going to be different tomorrow? Just because it is a new year doesn't mean things will change. It is the story we tell ourselves and others that will make things different!

I do wish that you tell a new story for you the new year inspired living story!

I have a new program coming out soon that I am excited to share in the coming weeks of 2021. My story for 2020 was inspiring and 2021 is going to be even more inspiring. I hope you stay along for the Inspired Journey.

Happy New Year!

Live Inspired

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