Bringing a smile to someone, giving them a hug, calling them to tell them how special they are, sending over flowers, these are things we do to uplift our friends, our kids, our partners, our colleagues and sometimes even strangers.

Uplifting others can be so easy for us, even at times when are not feeling our best. Often times when we lift up someone else, it helps us to feel better and brighten our spirits. What about the times when you need to be uplifted? When you need your spirts lifted but the words are just not there from the important people in your life. Maybe you are hiding your pain so well that they don't know your spirits need to be lifted. That has often been the case with me but I have learned how to "uplift" myself over the past few years. Here are my 3 favorite things and how I do them that I do on a regular basis now to bring my spirits up when they are down.

  1. Buy myself flowers. Flowers instantly brighten up a room. It is new life and new energy in a room. You don't have to buy expensive bouquets from the florist. Most markets sell a bunch of flowers for the cost of a cup of coffee. Flowers last longer than the coffee. Then when I come hope with the flowers. I arrange them in vase while listening and singing a favorite song. I keep the flowers where I can see them and smell them.

  2. Take A Walk A quick 10 -15 minute walk outdoors with fresh air can change your entire perspective for the moment and the day. While I am walking, I am either saying prayers. Call me crazy if you want, I also on my walks tell the birds that I like their singing, I tell the trees how majestic they look, I tell the blue sky it looks great in that color. I wave at every car that passes by and say Hi! These are the things that get me UP.

  3. Guided Meditation I meditate daily, however, if I need to be uplifted and have my energy shifted and I've gotten so far down that I know my mind will not clear itself during a meditation. I open up my favorite app Insight Timer and find a happy guided meditation to listen to for 5 minutes or longer. Shorter than 5 minutes is not long enough to get you UP.

The practice of lifting myself UP has taken time however now that I have been focusing on self care needing to uplift myself doesn't happen as often as use to happen and now I do those three things because I love doing them and they feel good.

Will you be an uplifter to you today? It is okay to do this and I hope you do! You deserve to have your spirits soaring.

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