Where is it?

Where do you find the “spirit” or that good feeling? Whether it’s Christmas spirit, holiday spirit, spring fever, romantic feelings, or whatever way it is we are expected to be feeling, and you desire to feel the spirit for whatever time of the year or whatever occasion it is but you just ain’t feeling it. What do you? How do you obtain that feeling?

First of all, you need to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling. These emotions have a purpose and a lesson for you, and they must be felt. They must also be moved through as rapidly as possible in a healthy way. You might feel like your present circumstances are causing this feeling to serve you, but that's just your ego talking, not your heart, and emotions are on the heart not the head. You see, that's where the emotions are. In the heart, not the head.

When you feel this way, follow these steps: ask yourself 1. Why am I feeling this way? 2. Is it because of a or b?" 3. Where am I feeling this in my body? 4. Am I willing to release this feeling?

If you answer no.

Ask yourself

1.Why do I want to hold on to this feeling? 2.How long do I want to hold on to this feeling? Give yourself a deadline. When the deadline is up return to #1.

When you answer yes You can do one or all of the following. I recommend it all.

1.Take 3 deep breaths and breath in and out in the part of your body that you “feel.” When you breathe out deliberately, let the feeling leave your body on the exhale.

2. Say out loud or silently. I release the feeling of _____________. I have learned what I needed to learn from this feeling, and now I can let it go. Do this 3 times. ( don’t fret; I won’t make you sing that song)

3.Write down on a piece of paper. I release the feeling of ___________. Then rip it up, burn it, bury it in the ground, or whatever else you can imagine getting rid of the paper. Don’t eat it, though, and only flush it down the toilet if you wrote it on toilet tissue.

I advise you to do all 3, and if you need to do them more than once, that is acceptable.

Once you feel the release, then do this.

Tell your heart it is acceptable for you to feel. ______________. Take 3 deep breaths, inhale the feeling you want to feel, and exhale the feeling you want to feel. Turn on a good feeling song that reminds you of this feeling, tap into a memory of when you felt this way in the past. Let that feeling permeate your body.

This is a technique for you to get that spirit. This is one method you can use to release the feelings that hold you back from what you desire to feel about a certain time. Indeed, some emotions are deeper and may take more time to release. There are other working methods through those emotions that are too long to get into in a blog.

For now, get your spirit, permit yourself to be joyful, and enjoy the holiday and celebrations.

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