I get it! Losing weight can be tough.  You want a quick fix.  You want it to be easy and you feel alone in this process.  

I've been there.  I am still there.  I will always be here.

I've realized that weight loss is more about mindset than dieting.  I've realized that it really is a lifestyle change and there is no silver bullet to weight loss success.

The success comes with changing your mindset and being consistent in your daily eating, thinking, and activities.

I've lost over 50 pounds.

I've been doing the weight watchers program, working out with weights, walking, and daily meditation and mindset work.

I know the power of accountability and having skin in the game.  I know the power of having someone to hold your hand during this time, even though ultimately YOU are the one doing the work.  This is why I have this accountability program.


Inspired Accountability Program

daily check ins

I will check in on you two times a day.  Checking in to see how you are doing, what you are eating and address any concerns. 

weekly meeting

We will meet weekly to weigh in on the scale and off the scale.  The meeting will be either zoom or in person.  We will access the week and plan for the next.

food guidance

Recipe suggestions, food suggestions, answers to questions you may have about points, what to substitute etc.


Questions, support, pat on the back, recipes, suggestions.  Email, text Facebook message access anytime you need, and get a response direct from me to help! 


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